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  The Airport Improvement Program (AIP) grant process is long and complicated and many general aviation airports don't have the resources to engage in it effectively. Whether you're a City Manager whose many responsibilities preclude you from even thinking about the AIP process or you're a full-time Airport Manager who is already involved in the process but doesn't have the staff nor the time to manage it, Ford Aviation Consultants can help you. Our services include:

  • AIP Grant Application Preparation: Working in close coordination with the FAA Airports Office, we will prepare all of the requisite AIP forms and supplemental supporting documentation, sponsor assurances and certification.
  • Determination of General Eligibility and Project Requirements: We will provide guidance on the AIP eligibility of various items included in planning, airport development, land acquisition and noise implementation projects.
  • Project Formulation: We will guide you through the process of preparing a current airport layout plan and an airport capital improvement plan. These two documents represent the cornerstone of an AIP development grant application.
  • Securing Other Sources of Funds: For general aviation airports, AIP grants cover 90 percent of the project costs. We will help you to secure other sources of funds, including state grants and loans.
  • Consultant Selection: For most projects that are funded by AIP grants, competitive proposals must be solicited from an adequate number of qualified sources. We will assist you in writing Requests for Qualifications and Requests for Proposals to be submitted to aviation planning consultants, engineering and architectural firms, construction management companies, and other professional services firms.
  • Airport Promotion: We will counsel you on how to collaborate effectively with local pilots associations and how to educate government officials and the local community on the benefits of the airport. We can help you clearly communicate how the airport makes a significant contribution to the local economy.

  With Ford Aviation Consultants on your team, you can concentrate on what you do best while we focus on successfully piloting the AIP process on your behalf. You no longer have an excuse to give up the AIP grants to which you are entitled. Don't lose them!